No-Vember No Messing Around

Looking to rekindle some of the spark in your dating/married life?  Well you are not alone.  There are probably a million pins on pinterest or blog posts about this subject and we read them all (well a whole dang lot of them anyway).  And we found some of the suggestions to be quite menial (humdrum, dull, boring).

So we decided to come up with our own (they may not be totally original, but they certainly are things we would do to bring back a little love into the relationship.  So, without further ado here are our top 10 no messing around (pun intended) date ideas.

  1. Go Victorian.  (This link has some fun printables for this date and was the inspiration for our pick.) Send your love a formal invitation to your planned date.  Have dainty snacks to eat as you play parlor games like “Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”, or the name game. As the evening progresses, go outside and observe the stars.  Have your man check out this link to the proper etiquette of conversation!  It is quite hilarious, and hopefully you two will be laughing by the end of the night.
  2. Urban Exploring.  Go downtown and start exploring the sites.  You could even make up stories about events/people that have been at certain locations.  Then throw in some real facts (you’ll have to do a little research).  Then play (as facts are being told) truth or fiction…guess if your love is telling the truth or a tale!  If you are a history buff this could be really fun…and possibly educational.
  3. Van Gogh Go.  Grab some paper, makers, paints, pencils and draw each others portrait…I will have to admit, most guys might not want to do this.  And some women might refuse if they think they draw like a kindergartener (me!), but it is so funny and fun to “pose” without laughing (actually it’s not possible).  Give your partner a time limit (iPhone comes in handy here) so you don’t have to sit for ages, then switch.  It is okay to laugh at their drawing, because just look at yours!  Who knows, you may have some really neat, conversation starting art for your home (well, scrapbook anyway!).
  4. Psycho Analyze This.  When my husband and I first started dating I was in an art therapy class in college.  So when we went to the Macaroni Grill for a date one night (they have paper covering the table) I made him close his eyes and scribble on the table for 10 seconds.  I then had him open his eyes and find “objects” in his scribbles…very interesting insight into the mind of a date as to what they “see!”  You can of course do this at home with an old psych book/web sight open to analyze each other and what they “found” in their drawing/scribble.
  5. Mystery Science Theater Date.  Rent an old cheesy movie, play it on mute (or really really low) and add your own improvised dialogue. Popcorn is a must.
  6. Chopped.  Have a basket of ingredients and make dinner/dessert from the items.  All items must be used in some way along with whatever they want from the pantry….remember only 30 minutes to do it in too!
  7. Sharp Shooter.  My husband LOVES to go shooting.  So go to a local range and have a little friendly competition…you can decide what the winner gets.
  8. Friendly Competition.  Some restaurants have eating challenges (one of our has a deadly hot pizza you have to order in advance and sign a waiver!).  Dare each other to a little eating contest…could be quantity of wings (person who eats the most in 5 min wins), or hottest wings, or quantity of hot dogs…somehow I can see every man ever wanting to participate in this.  When I was in college we had a birthday tradition to eat half your birthday cake by yourself in an hour…it’s near impossible but so fun to try and to try to make the person eating laugh/not finish.
  9. Photog Log.  Log your date (even if it’s just to dinner) through photos. Camera phones are good for this, but a polaroid would be amazing.
  10. Open Mic Night.  Check out a local poetry/open mic night at a local shop and slam some verses on the audience…could be awesome or awkward.  Either way, you will have something to talk about!

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